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Monday, May 11, 2009

Every little thing is gonna be alright now!

It was really good to talk to you all last night too!
But yeah...i don't really have a ton to write today but...
This week was good...everything went pretty good...
I'm really liking São's going really good...
Thats not good to hear about the makes me sad :(  but it'll be alright...
(We came home to a dead computer.  I'm using Abi's Mac right now)

I really enjoyed talking to you all last night...3rd call of the mission comes the last one!
Give my love to everyone in the ward and stuff.

I love you all!
Elder Jed Breinholt

We have returned home from Elisabeth's Graduation from Weber State Dental Hygiene Program and Bobby from the University of Utah in Political Science, a quick trip to Disneyland and Andy and Jessi's Wedding!  It was a great trip! 
We missed posting last week but Jed's letter was short and sweet as usual!  Our call with him yesterday was fantastic.  He sounds so happy and we are so proud of him.  He loves the new area.  He says the members are keeping them busy with referrals so he told us, "give the missionaries referrals!"  We aren't so good at that.  He won't be going into Argentina because he's American and needs a Visa.  Uruguay is very relaxed, Argentina is not.  We talked about going down to Brazil to pick him up.  He wants us to come and we want to go but it will all depend on what happens with Tracy's company in the next few months.  We also talked about BYU-I.  He is going there after he gets home.  He was so funny he asked us to see if they have an English class for RM's.  ha ha!   His English is very halting and it was difficult for him to talk to us.  He did great, he just switched things around a bit and couldn't remember English words.  When he made a mistake he knew it, but he would just start laughing and one of us would correct him while we were laughing with him!  

What a great couple of weeks!  Total payday's for Tracy and I.  Elisabeth and Bobby graduating from college and talking to Jed. He only has a little over 9 months left (has it gone fast for everyone else because I feel like the last year and a half have been going at light speed!) in the mission field.  We are so proud of all three of them.

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Peggy said...

Great post sis! I'm super proud of your kids too!