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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello Family!

Today was really awesome because we played soccer with the Uruguay Missionaries International P-days are AWESOME! So I'm sending you some pictures of that! Maybe you'll find someone that somebody will know. But let me tell you how this International P-day got started and yes it does have to do with conference:

So Saturday we got all ready for Conference and went to our lunch appointment and then we went to the chapel to watch conference when we got there we found out that the satellite translator broke and there wasn't going to be any conference it was pretty sad. So we missed the first session but decided to call president and see if we could go to Uruguay to watch it. He said yes, so we went there for the afternoon session. There we had some pretty interesting experiences trying to get the T.V. to work to watch it in English but finally we got it. Anyway so we were over there with the Uruguayan missionaries and we all decided to play soccer together. That's what we did today it was really fun! Saturday night we didn't watch the Priesthood session for two factors 1. It started at 9:00pm 2. We didn't know that the satellite got fixed.

But about Conference: I only watched 3 sessions so bear with me.. My favorite talk was Elder Hollands I think it was really powerful and moving I also liked Elder Scotts about going to the temple even when its close. Remember in June when I wrote you guys about the dedication talks of the Curitiba Temple and how someone talked about the same thing while he was talking I was remembering that talk too it was really good!

Zone Conference is coming up on the 16th so I'll get your package then. A little bit more about Gaspar, Carla, Francielle, and Sindi. Francielle and Sindi are not little girls One is 15 the other is 17 but Sindi doesn't live with them she lives with her husband (they're not married) 17 years old and lost in the world. We were trying to help her but you know how it is. Francielle will be baptized with her Mom on Saturday, completing the family except Sindi. It'll be great. But the Baptism was really good!

Anyway I'm doing good and it's getting better all the time but I want you all to know I love you and pray for your strength every day. Stay firm because this is the way it is. The gospel is true and we can be together forever! I love you and appreciate your support.

Was it long enough?


Elder Jed Breinholt

I'll post the pictures next week. I'm in Utah with Ben and Annie for Spring Break!

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