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Monday, March 2, 2009

Holy TAN Batman!

Foto: A really cool tree in a park in Uruguay...I couldnt resist taking a picture

I’ll start by saying no I didn’t burn anything...the only thing I’ve burned in the mission is some spaghetti sauce I was making. I happen to think the tradition is kinda silly...and clothes are still good.

But the mission life is good...

I’m going to include answers to everybody’s questions and such in this e-mail.

So this week we had mission tour with Elder Amato who is an Area Seventy like I told you about last week. It was a good conference. I thought a lot about what I could do better.

The best experience I had this week was teaching Carla and Gaspar. Saturday night we went there and watched “Together Forever” with them and we talked about eternal families. The member we were with bore her testimony extremely strongly. The spirit was so sweet there. My testimony was strengthened because of that lesson. And what was better was that...ok Gaspar has been going to church firmly since we started teaching them and his daughter 2 weeks after. Carla had just gone to church the first week with Gaspar. Anyway, so she was wanting to get married but church wasn’t important and stuff like that. We were a little worried, how could we help her allow the spirit to testify to her. She had kinda a closed heart. But Saturday was AWESOME it really touched her I think. So Sunday morning rolled around and SHE WENT TO CHURCH! It was awesome.

The Lord is really blessing us here in Morelle(the name of the branch) We had a lot of people that went to church that I had never seen in church this Sunday. A lot of inactives. Miracles are REAL!

So do you know who will be the next mission president is yet? It’ll be interesting to find out.
We are getting a new Mission President this July here in our mission (South Dakota Rapid City)

Elder Tindade is my companion. I thought I wrote you guys about him. We’re doing good he is really stressed. I tell him everyday...RELAX DUDE!

Anyway, this Saturday we have a baptism, a recent convert’s mom, it’s going to be AWESOME. I’ll send you pictures.

So this is my life as a missionary...

Love you all

Elder Jed Breinholt

P.S. Thanks for the e-mails everyone! And the ideas Amy and Angela, they’re different than anything we are doing.

P.S.S. I’ll take more just wait

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