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Monday, March 16, 2009


I don’t really have a lot to write this week...and plus...
I’m helping another Elder with some’s his last week and the mission.

Anyway this week was awesome! Found a lot of incomplete families. Families where the parents are inactive and the kids aren’t baptized. It was a really good week with a lot of good experiences...signed the beginning papers for the wedding of Gaspar and Carla. It’s going to be awesome.

So really the only thing is a funny story about how we found one of these families. We were walking to find a door we already knocked that I had thought of the night before. So we were walking and we walked passed a door when I heard a girl speaking English. So we walked past and I looked at Elder Trindade and said "lets help her" so we did. We helped all the kids in the family with their homework. Come to find out...the parents are inactive members. It was a really good lesson. The parents have a great desire come back to church and have the kids’s awesome! So when we left the house Elder Trindade looked at me and said "we already knocked that door". Turns out it was the same one I was thinking of! The Lord really prepared that family and led us to find was awesome.

Time is I’ll add a picture to help ease the pain.

A giant frog...the 2liter bottle is for reference!

Com Amor

Elder Breinholt

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