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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Snow Storm...

We are due another blizzard snow storm tonight and tomorrow. The city is on alert so I may be able to post Jed's e-mail tomorrow and I may not we shall see if it hits like it did last week!


Peggy said...

Hey sister...we are SO looking forward to having you here and are praying for good weather so you can stay as long as possible. Send me your itinerary so I'll know when you'll be with us other than just sleeping. Your girls were here tonight and we celebrated Jessi's birthday (it's Tuesday). So much fun to have them here. If you can get here's general conference... that means waffles and strawberries and ice cream at about 4:30 after conference!!! Love ya!

Peggy said...

Hey, you could even get here on Saturday ya know!!!