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Monday, May 5, 2008

Jed's First Area - Sao Gabriel, RS

This was taken just outside of Sao Gabriel.
Looks a bit like Wyoming in the spring to me!!
I found this picture on the net.
Sao Gabriel is southwest of Santa Maria its population is approx. 68,000 people. The main source of income is cattle ranching and rice farming. Here are some great excerpts from Jeds
e-mail today, Monday is P-day and I get to talk to him next Sunday for Mothers Day! YEA! He sent all the information for our call next Sunday 3:00 p.m our time. 153 hours and 43 minutes but who's counting? ;o)

"Hello family...this is your in the brazil santa maria mission son...IT IS AWESOME! ok i will answer some questions then tell you about my week so far...btw p-days are on monday....
How was it meeting President and Sister Myrrha? Awesome...President Myrrha doesn´t speak alot of none...but the food was good...spirit better...english none...
How do you like it? SÃO GABRIEL...AWESOME...three companionshps...2 of sisters...and us...everyone here is brazillian...all the missionaries...except for me...that is good for my language i guess. Tell us all about your companion? Elder brazillian...very...a tiny bit of english....good elder. Your apartment? suprisingly big... The weather? suprisingly cold...I'm going to look for a coat today.
Ok so it turns out i really am in the Wyoming of the south...after i got out of Porto Alegre there was nothing...FOR FOUR HOURS....then after i left santa maria THERE WAS NOTHING FOR FOUR HOURS....its crazy...but são gabriel is earth it...smaller...but our area is feet are really sore portugese is getting better cause i have to speak it all the time....but its good...teaching its not in the ctm any stretch of the is good...i tried to send pictures but at the internet place we are at...i cant do anything...stuff is so blocked up and i dont understand portugese.
I HAVE PRAYER CALUSES...patches of dry skin on my knees where i everybody sending things to the mission now? i hope so because that is the fastest way...i think we are going to eat chiausciria soon...rodizio...but like native...they are every where down here....RICE AND BEANS ARE the ctm the were not as much to tell you so little time....i dont know...have fun in wyoming...your getting warm im getting cold...but its good..."

Cordially...future dwight(that was for you abi)


Ang said...

He'll be SOOOO glad he is in an area with all Brazilian missionaries! Probably hard at first, but so worth it for language reasons! Could be really hard though too...

Sounds like he's doing well! Thanks for always posting Mary! love you!

Peggy said...

As usual, I love reading about Jed's mission. Send me his e-mail address, I'm better at that now that letters and it's okay if he can't answer me. Ang knows how difficult yet good it is to be surrounded by native missionaries. Love ya, Peg