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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chocolate Shampoo! You've got to be kidding!

Our latest e-mail from Jed. He is very ready to leave the CTM next Tuesday and go to Santa Maria. I hope we hear from him next Wednesday but with him moving I'm just not sure.

"i will tell you about my favorite food...cause i ate them today...pastel...let me explain it to you...basically like a handmade hot pocket...its made in a pot sticker like shell or something...but you can basically put anything you want inside it, deepfry it and you eat...delicious...what you get with it is sugar cane juice...with good...and i still love fruit...yes.

last night it rained really hard...after dinner we went up to the room and we had had the blinds closed(really it´s more of like a metal cover with slits for ventilation in it)and when we came in the floor had about a 1/4 of an inch of water on it in front of the window...but yeah it rains...stops...rains...stops alot.

turns out...president muir is the mission president for the cuiƔba mission...i knew he was down here but i didnt know where...anyway...they have CHOCOLATE SHAMPOO!!!! down here we showered with it on monday....i smelled like a tootsie pop!it was awesome...
(President Muir was in our ward in Layton)

willardson left tuesday...its weird...other than that the week has been pretty plain...i am so ready to be out of here... quick story from proselyting...turns out i got "watchtowered" i will explain...we were walking and talking to people when all of the sudden this lady came up to us...we started the conversation in portugese but she imediatly said "i want to talk to you in english" she opens up her binder and i see the JW sense was was we told her that we would take the watchtower if she would take the book of mormon...she said she already had thats where the conversation ended...

I love you safe...have fun in the Sequoia."
(Tracy is in SLC and bought a new Toyota Sequoia last night.)



Julie Swenson said...

Good job with the blog. It is so much fun to see how Jed is doing. And who knew, chocolate shampoo?!

Dani said...

Wow, sounds like he's doing great. I write him about once a week or so and I realize that he doesn't have too much time to write back so it's nice to come here and see how's he's doing! Thank you! I miss you all!

Amy said...

I'll take some chocolate shampoo :-) I think it's so awesome that he's had actual proselytizing experience in the MTC. & I'm sure that's not the last he'll see of the JW's.

Congrats on the new Sequoia! Sad how it came to be, but it's always fun to get a new car.